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Table 1 Electrophysiological findings in lower limbs of three probands with CMTX

From: Recurrent episodes of reversible posterior leukoencephalopathy in three Chinese families with GJB1 mutations in X-linked Charcot-Marie-tooth type 1 disease: cases report

Peroneal. L
 Conduction velocityM25 m/s(>40)39 m/s(>40)30 m/s(>40)
SNA50 m/s(>40)NA
 AmplitudeM0.1 mV(>5)2.2 mV(>5)0.3 mV(>5)
SNR4.2 μV(>5)NR
 LatencyM5.4 ms(<3.2)4.6 ms(<3.2)4.9 ms(<3.2)
Peroneal. R
 Conduction velocityMNA48 m/s(>40)NA
SNA49 m/s(>40)NA
 AmplitudeMNR1.6 mV(>5)NR
SNR3.5 μV(>5)NR
 LatencyMNR4.2 ms(<3.2)NR
Tibial. L
 Conduction velocityM35 m/s(>40)45 m/s(>40)24 m/s(>40)
SNA39 m/s(>40)NA
 AmplitudeM0.5 mV(>5)6.0 mV(>5)0.3 mV(>5)
SNR4.4 μV(>5)NR
 LatencyM3.9 ms(<3.2)4.4 ms(<3.2)10.1 ms(<3.2)
Tibial. R
 Conduction velocityM31 m/s(>40)49 m/s(>40)23 m/s(>40)
S33 m/s(>40)41 m/s(>40)NA
 AmplitudeM0.3 mV(>5)6.6 mV(>5)0.5 mV(>5)
S3.1 μV(>5)4.0 μV(>5)NR
 LatencyM6.3 ms(<3.2)5.8 ms(<3.2)10.1 ms(<3.2)
  1. M Motor nerve, S Sensory nerve, NA Not applicable, NR Not recordable, (): normal values