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Table 3 Association between narcolepsy severity scale total score and rating scale scores

From: Chinese version of narcolepsy severity scale: a validation study

 Adult patients (N = 69)Pediatric patients (N = 53)
Narcolepsy severity scaleNarcolepsy severity scale
Measurementscorrelation coefficientp-valueCorrelation coefficientp-value
ESSa0.447< 0.001  
BDI-IIb0.593< 0.001  
ISIc0.592< 0.001  
EQ-5D-Utilityd0.457< 0.001  
PDSS f  0.3180.036
CDI g  0.553< 0.001
SDSCh  0.4400.004
PedsQLi  0.555< 0.001
  1. aESS Epworth sleepiness score
  2. bBDI-II Beck depression inventory-II
  3. cISI the insomnia severity index
  4. dEQ-5D-Utility EurQol five dimensions-Utility
  5. eEQ-5D-VAS EurQol five dimensions-visual analog scale
  6. fPDSS pediatric daytime sleepiness scale
  7. gCDI children depression inventory
  8. hSDSC sleep disturbance scale for children
  9. iPedsQL pediatric quality of life inventory