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Table 4 Degree of coincidence of mental changes associated with cognitive decline noticed by the 663 older adults and their family members

From: Discrepancy in the perception of symptoms of cognitive decline between older adults and their family members: results of the Toyama dementia survey

Hasegawa Dementia Scale Score≤20 points (n = 80)21–24 points (n = 78)≥25 points (n = 505)
Yes %No %κ statisticYes %No %κ statisticYes %No %κ statistic
Loss of appetiteParticipantsYes5.01.30.7073.81.30.6472.02.20.540
No2.591.3 2.692.3 1.094.9 
Being unable to sleep at nightParticipantsYes3.87.50.3073.85.10.4133.87.50.410
No5.083.8 3.887.2 1.687.1 
Losing motivation and interest in thingsParticipantsYes7.510.00.1852.67.70.2840.86.10.146
No17.565.0 2.687.2 1.491.7 
Worrying about their healthParticipantsYes3.812.50.2990.09.0−0.0231.64.80.304
No1.382.5 1.389.7 1.692.1 
Feeling restlessParticipantsYes1.31.30.1471.30.00.3060.41.40.222
No10.087.5 2.696.2 1.297.0 
Becoming more forgetfulParticipantsYes26.320.00.33911.521.80.3600.614.30.058
No12.541.3 2.664.1 0.484.8