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Table 4 Results from binary logistic regression of pain effect on sleep and daily activities

From: Pain in children and adolescents with cerebral palsy – a cross-sectional register study of 3545 individuals

 SleepDaily activities
Odds ratio95% CIP-valueOdds ratio95% CIP-value
GMFCS* II1.2120.786–1.8690.3841.2300.839–1.8030.289
GMFCS III0.8690.490–1.5420.6321.1560.718–1.8620.550
GMFCS IV2.0841.304–3.3290.0021.2190.786–1.8880.376
GMFCS V3.4992.156–5.679< 0.0011.9361.213–3.0900.006
Source of report0.7700.529–1.1200.1710.9320.664–1.3080.683
Number of pain sites
  ≥ 52.8011.350–5.8090.0062.2990.965–5.4790.060
Pain intensity
 Moderate3.1062.194–4.397< 0.0012.2681.688–3.047< 0.001
 Severe8.6415.509–13.554< 0.0015.8433.538–9.648< 0.001
  1. Reference groups: male sex, GMFCS-level I, proxy-report, one pain site and mild intensity respectively. Age was analysed as a continuous variable. * GMFCS= Gross Motor Function Classification System. Included in sleep analysis n = 996. Included in activity analysis n = 1007