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Table 1 Patient demographics, history of presenting complaint and past medical history for patients with a single episode of TGA compared to those with recurrent attacks

From: Factors determining recurrence in transient global amnesia

 Isolated episodeRecurrent episodes
Patient number7815
Age of Onset (mean)59.5659.47
Age of Onset (median)6162
Age of Onset (Std Dev)10.837.34
Minimum - Maximum Age17–7840–73
Gender (M)4253.85%746.67%
Episode characteristicsNo.%No.%p-value
 Length of episode (hours +/− Std Dev)6.14 ± 8.665.64 ± 5.66 
 Repetitive Question6684.623794.870.14
 Disoriented date2430.77615.380.07
 Disoriented day2633.33923.080.25
 Disoriented time2734.62615.380.03
 Disoriented place4152.562256.410.69
 Disoriented day’s events7089.742564.10< 0.01
Precipitating event
 Feeling unwell1316.67615.380.86
 Hot shower78.97000.09
 Coughing fit22.5637.690.33
 Sexual intercourse810.2612.560.26
 Gym / Exercise1417.95512.820.48