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Table 1 Demographic characteristics of panel of experts

From: The development of a return to work intervention programme for stroke survivor (SReTWIP): a Delphi survey

IDAgeSexQualificationCountry of PracticeCurrent OccupationYears of ExperienceYears of experience in SR/VRRoles in SR and stroke VR
152MaleM.Sc.NigeriaClinical psychologist2717A, I, M/F
255MaleD.ClinPsyUKNeuropsychologist3120+A, I, MF
339FemaleM.Sc.NigeriaConsultant OT (private practice)146A, I, R
433MaleM.Sc.NigeriaOT clinician77A, I, CM, MF
531MaleM.Sc.UKOT clinician108A, I, CM
637MaleM.Sc.NigeriaOT clinician1310A, I, MF
741MaleM.Sc.CanadaOT clinician1610A, I
845FemalePh.D.South AfricaAcademia (PT)238A, I, MF
940MaleM.Sc.AustraliaOT clinician96A
1044MalePh.D.NigeriaAcademia (PT)219A
1152MaleM.Sc.NigeriaAcademia (OT)1310A, I, MF
1243FemalePh.D.NigeriaAcademia (PT)2013A, I
1345FemalePh.D.SwedenAcademia and Private OT practice2010+A, I, MF
1445FemalePh.D.UgandaAcademia (PT)126A, I, MF
1569MaleM.ScNigeriaPT clinician3821A, I, MF
  1. A Assessment, I Intervention, MF Monitoring, and Follow-up, CM Case Management, R Researcher, OT Occupational therapist, PT Physiotherapist