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Table 1 Summary of serum and CSF studies obtained on present hospitalization

From: Catastrophic stroke burden in a patient with uncontrolled psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis: a case report

Lipid profile
 Cholesterol, Total179< 200 mg/dL
 Triglycerides253< 200 mg/dL
 LDL114< 130 mg/dL
 Lipoprotein a133< 75 nmol/L
 Beta-2-glycoprotein Antibody, IgG< 10.0< 20.1 CU
 Beta-2-glycoprotein Antibody, IgM< 5.0< 20.1 CU
 Protein C, Activity9976–146%
 Anti-Cardiolipin Antibody, IgG15.8< 20.1 CU
 Anti-Cardiolipin Antibody, IgM< 10.0< 20.1 CU
 Lupus Anticoagulant by HEXANegNeg
 RVVT Seconds30.929.0–44.0 s
CSF studies
 WBC1< 6 x10E6/L
 RBC440 x10E6/L
 Glucose7640–70 mg/dL
 Protein1315–50 mg/dL
 IgG Index0.60.3–0.6 Ratio
 Serum glucose164< 200
 Rapid HSV-1 PCRNegNeg
 Rapid HSV-2 PCRNegNeg
 VZV IgM0.03< 0.9
 Hemoglobin A1c6.44.3–5.6%
 TSH0.640.45–4.12 mlU/L
 Free T41310–18 pmol/L
 CRP5.4 - > 36.9< 6.3
 ESR> 1000–15 mm/h
 Anti-Nuclear Antibodies< 40< 40
 Anti Proteinase 3 Ab< 10.0< 20.0 CU
 Anti Myeloperoxidase< 10.0< 20.0 CU
 GAD-65 Autoantibodies< 1.0< 1.0 U/mL
 Insulin Autoantibody< 0.4< 0.4 U/mL
 Islet Cell Antigen 512 Antibody< 0.8< 0.8 U/mL
 Rheumatoid Factor, serum< 40< 40 IU/mL
 Complement C3, serum10171–159 mg/dL
 Complement C4, serum26.413–30 mg/dL
 Cryoglobulin< 0.12< 0.12 g/L
 Heterophile AgglutinationNegNeg
 Hepatitis B sAb< 5mIU/mL
 Hepatitis B cAbNegNeg
 Hepatitis B sAgNegNeg
 Hepatitis C AntibodyNegNeg
 HIV Ag/AbNegNeg