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Table 1 Cases of isolated subdural hematoma secondary to posterior communicating artery or posterior communicating artery-internal carotid artery aneurysmal rupture

From: A ruptured posterior communicating artery aneurysm presenting as tentorial and spinal isolated subdural hemorrhage: a case report and literature review

No.Author(s), yearAge, sexPresentationSDH locationManagementPrognosis
1Araki et al. 2002 [10]55/FHeadache, ptosis, and semicomaConvexityClipping and hematoma evacuationGood
2Blake et al. 2003 [11]35/FComaConvexityNilDead
3De Blasi et al. 2010 [4]47/FHeadache and stuporConvexityCoil embolizationGood
  60/FHeadache and right sixth cranial nerve palsyBilateral convexityCoil embolizationGood
4Eggers et al. 1982 [12]34/FHeadacheConvexityHematoma evacuationGood
5Friedman et al. 1983 [13]55/FHeadacheTentorium and interhemisphericClippingGood
6Inamasu et al. 2002 [14]28/FComaConvexityHematoma evacuationDead
7Ishibashi et al. 1997 [15]54/FHeadacheTentorium and convexityClipping and hematoma evacuationGood
8Ishikawa et al. 2000 [16]62/MHeadache and ptosisTentorium and interhemisphericClippingGood
9Kim et al. 2012 [8]83/FHeadache, dizziness, and nauseaClival hematoma migrated to the spine.Stent-assisted coil embolizationGood
10Kondziolka et al. 1988 [9]43/MComaTentorial and convexityClipping and hematoma evacuationGood
  38/FComaTentorial and convexityClipping and hematoma evacuationDisabled
11Mansour et al. 2014 [17]51/MHeadache followed by loss of consciousness and right anisocoriaBilateral convexityCoil embolizationGood
12Marbacher et al, 2010 [18]39/MComa and bilateral dilated fixed pupilsNot mentionedClipping and hematoma evacuationDisabled
  45/FComa and dilated fixed right pupilConvexityClipping and hematoma evacuationDisabled
  68/FRight oculomotor paresisNot mentionedClipping and hematoma evacuationGood
13Mrfka et al. 2013 [2]40/FHeadache, nausea, and vomitingConvexityHematoma evacuation and coilingGood
14Nonaka et al. 2000 [19]52/FComaTentorium and convexityClipping and hematoma evacuationGood
15Onda et al. 1989 [20]44/FSemicomaConvexityClipping and hematoma evacuationDisabled
16Paramasivam et al., 2012 [21]43/FSevere headacheTentoriumCoil embolizationGood
17Sasaki et al. 2018 [22]71/FHeadache and drowsinessConvexityClipping and hematoma evacuationDisabled
18Satoh et al. 1999 [23]58/FSemicomaConvexityClipping and hematoma evacuationGood
  25/FHeadacheConvexityClipping and hematoma evacuationGood
  25/FComaConvexityClipping and hematoma evacuationGood
19Thapa et al. 2018 [5]55/FLoss of speech and right-sided weaknessConvexityClipping and hematoma evacuationDisabled
20Williams et al. 1983 [24]18/FComaConvexityClipping and hematoma evacuationDisabled
21Our case, 201934/FHeadacheTentorium and spineClipping and hematoma evacuationGood
  1. No. Number, SDH Subdural hemorrhage, F Female, M Male