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Table 1 Specifications of studies entered the study

From: The prevalence of Restless Legs Syndrome/Willis-ekbom disease (RLS/WED) in the third trimester of pregnancy: a systematic review

RowAuthor [References]Publication yearAreaParticipants’ AgeRLS scaleRLS Questionnaire scaleSample sizePrevalence
1Facco, F. L. [4]2010America29.7 ± 5.5International Restless Legs Syndrome Question Setself-administered questionnaire18931.3%
2Neau [20]2009France29.2International RLS (IRLS) Study Groupself-administered close-ended questionnaire35521.7%
3Sarberg [21]2012Sweden30.1International RLS Study GroupAfter written and oral information16029.60%
4Terzi [22]2015Turkey28.0 ± 5.5International RLS Study GroupFace to face interview questionnaire8362.7%
5Alves [23]2010Brazil27.3International RLS study group rating scale (IRLS) and IRLSSG in 2003clinical-diagnostic interview23715.18%
6Harano [24]2008Japan29.9 ± 4.6International RLS Study Groupselfadministrated questionnaire3443.5%
7A.lee [25]2001California25–39  3023%
8Neau [26]2010France28.8 ± 4.6International RLS (IRLS) Study Groupself-administered close-ended questionnaire40638.4%
9Shang [27]2014China26.0 ± 6.4International Restless Legs Syndrome Study Group (IRLSSG)Face to face interview54716.1%
10Shahzad [28]2018Pakistan (Lahour)28.2 ± 5.4International RLS study group rating scaleinterviewed via well-defined pre tested questionnaire8036.3%