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Table 1 Core elements of motivational interviewing coaching

From: Efficacy of a physical activity programme combining individualized aerobic exercise and coaching to improve physical fitness in neuromuscular diseases (I’M FINE): study protocol of a randomized controlled trial

(1) Education on physical fitness in NMD: Participants receive specific strategies to promote behavioural change. These strategies include: education about the health benefits of physical activity, advice about activities that are suitable for individuals with NMD, education about training principles and polarized training, identifying and overcoming any perceived barriers to participation in physical activity, and recruiting social support from spouses, friends or other NMD individuals.
(2) Goal setting: Participants set short- and long-term goals regarding activity and participation levels. SMART goals (specific, measurable, acceptable, realistic, timeline) are formulated in a systematic way.
(3) Personal coaching: During the coaching sessions, the practitioner guides participants towards a more active lifestyle by integrating physical activity into daily life.
(4) Feedback on daily activity: Participants will receive a FITBIT Flex (Fitbit Inc., San Francisco, CA), which provides feedback on the level of physical activity during daily life.