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Table 1 DSM-V Diagnostic Criteria for NMS [4]

From: Lithium induced reversible Splenial lesion in neuroleptic malignant syndrome like symptoms: two case reports

A. Development of severe muscle rigidity and elevated temperature associated with the use of neuroleptic medication
B. Two (or more) of the following
1) Diaphoresis
2) Dysphagia
3) Tremor
4) Incontinence
6) Mutism
7) Tachycardia
8) Elevated or labile blood pressure
9) Leukocytosis
10) Laboratory evidence of muscle injury (eg, elevated creatine phosphokinase)
C. The symptoms in criteria A and B are not due to another substance or a neurological or other general medical condition
D. The symptoms in criteria A and B are not better accounted for by a mental disorder.