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Table 3 Outcome measures at different time periods

From: Impact of Erythropoietin in the management of Hypoxic Ischaemic Encephalopathy in resource-constrained settings: protocol for a randomized control trial

DomainOutcome measureStage of HIET1 DischargeT2 4 monthsT2 6 monthsT3 12 monthsT4 18 monthsT5 24 months
SurvivalSurvival or deathXXXXXXX
Neurologic exam at dischargeNeurologically normal or abnormalXX     
Cranial UltrasonographyCranial USS abnormalityXX     
Neurologic examination at clinic visitsMalawi Developmental Assessment Tool (MDAT) scores  XXXXX
Laboratory levels of EPO, NRBC, and NRBC/100 WBCLevels of NRBC and NRBC/100WBC in relation to outcomeXX     
Adverse reactions to EPOSafety of the medications based on the presence or absence of any adverse event XXXXXX
Gross Motor Function Classification System (GMFCS) assessment systemThose with cerebral palsy are further categorized based on features present on standardized neurologic examination using GMFCS  XXXXX
  1. T1− T5 - The five time periods for assessment; NRBC Nucleated red blood cells, GMFCS Gross motor function classification system.