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Table 2 Schedule of assessment and outcome measures

From: Rehabilitation of older people with Parkinson’s disease: an innovative protocol for RCT study to evaluate the potential of robotic-based technologies

OutcomeClinical assessmentRT1FW1FW2FW3
Cognitive StateMini Mental State Examination    
Gait parametersFunctional Ambulation Category
Disability StateRankin Scale    
Cognitive StateCDR    
Functional StateBarthel Index
Parkinson StateHoehn and Yahr Scale    
Quality of lifeSF-12 Health Survey
Sociodemographic characteristicsCheck-list    
Motor abilityMotricity index
Depression StateGeriatric Depression scale 5-items version    
Attitude to technologyAssistive Device Predisposition Assessment – Scala E    
Fall riskScala di Tinetti
Gait parametersGait Analysis + instrumental postural analysis
Fear of fallingShort Falls Efficacy Scale - International
Acceptance of technologyPsychosocial impact of assisted device scale - PIADS    
  1. R Recruitment, T1 end of treatment, FW1 first follow up at 6 months since the end of treatment, FW2 second follow up at 1 year since the end of treatment, FW3 third follow up at 2 years since the end of treatment