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Table 2 Multivariate logistic regression analyses to examine the effect of cytomegalovirus diseases on the development of moderate-to-severe dementia

From: Association between cytomegalovirus end-organ diseases and moderate-to-severe dementia: a population-based cohort study

Type of dementiaCMV diseasesNumber of participantsEventsTotal follow-up duration (person-years)IRaOR (95% CI)
Model 1Model 2Model 3
AllNo343510514,0837.461 (Ref.)1 (Ref.)1 (Ref.)
Yes68738256414.821.99 (1.37–2.88)2.07 (1.42–3.03)1.88 (1.23–2.82)
ADNo34357714,0835.471 (Ref.)1 (Ref.)1 (Ref.)
Yes6872325648.971.65 (1.04–2.63)1.69 (1.04–2.75)1.62 (1.01–2.64)
VaDNo34351214,0830.851 (Ref.)1 (Ref.)1 (Ref.)
Yes687725642.733.14 (1.24–7.98)3.30 (1.28–8.40)2.87 (1.08–7.45)
OthersNo34351614,0831.141 (Ref.)1 (Ref.)1 (Ref.)
Yes687825643.122.71 (1.16–6.34)2.81 (1.89–6.65)2.69 (1.07–6.43)
  1. Data are expressed as number or OR (95% CI). Events indicate the new-onset moderate-to-severe dementia. Model 1, non-adjusted; Model 2, age-, sex-, low income status, and BMI-adjusted; Model 3, age-, sex-, low income status-, BMI-, SOT recipients-, HSCT recipients-, malignant neoplasms-, ESRD on dialysis-, NIDDM-, hypertension-, and dyslipidaemia-adjusted
  2. Abbreviations: AD Alzheimer’s disease, BMI body mass index, CI confidence interval, CMV cytomegalovirus, ESRD end-stage renal disease, HSCT haematopoietic stem cell transplantation, IR incidence rate, NIDDM non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, No., number of patients, OR odds ratio, Ref. reference, SOT solid organ transplantation, VaD vascular dementia
  3. aPer 1000 person-years