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Table 1 A) Inclusion criteria, B) Exclusion criteria and C) Search Strategy in PubMed

From: The effect of acceptance and commitment therapy on insomnia and sleep quality: A systematic review

1) Intervention study
2) The studies in which the intervention was performed were based on acceptance and commitment therapy
3) Studies with full text
4) High quality studies and scores above 18
1) Observational study
2) Case report
3) Case series
4) Studies whose full text was not available
5) Studies with a quality score of less than 20
6) Studies whose intervention is another method of behavioral therapy
7) Studies with distorted data
(acceptance commitment therapy[mesh] OR Acceptance based[tiab] OR accept* commit*[tiab]) AND (insomnia[tiab] OR sleep wake disorder[mesh] OR sleep[tiab] OR “sleep quality”[tiab] OR sleep problem[tiab] OR sleep parameters[text word] OR objective sleep[text word] OR sleep maintenance[text word])