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Table 6 Usability survey responses from nurse care managers about the Siebens Health Care Notebook

From: Stakeholder perceptions of components of a Parkinson disease care management intervention, care coordination for health promotion and activities in Parkinson’s disease (CHAPS)

Themes Attributes Items (n)
Facilitators for coaching about the Notebook
(n = 46)
(n = 18)
Organized structure (8)
Places for types of information (5)
Concise (2)
Separated into sections (2)
Kept nurse care manager organized in patient care (1)
(n = 15)
Practical (6)
Easy to use (4)
Does what it is designed to do (2)
Handy for keeping records (2)
Good place to hold information (1)
(n = 13)
Comprehensive (2)
Empowering (2)
Veteran-specific materials added (2)
Great solution for veterans with complex health issues (2)
Main communication device among providers (1)
Tool for coordinating care with community providers (1)
Has a specific sheet for writing questions for providers (1)
Provides important information for making choices (1)
Veterans can use as much or as little as they like (1)
Challenges to coaching about the Notebook
(n = 28)
Incorporating individuals’ abilities/preferences
(n = 14)
Everyone is different (3)
Some veterans have their own ways of organizing information (3)
Individualized teaching depending on veteran’s situation (2)
Hard to carry for some veterans with Parkinson disease (2)
More than 1–2 pages is difficult (1)
Some veterans with too much on their minds (1)
Some veterans love it, some do not (1)
Better to teach about Notebook in person than over the phone (1)
  Notebook layout
(n = 14)
Information could be consolidated (2)
Too many sections (2)
More specific to Parkinson (2)
Bulky (2)
Too much white (1)
The location of My Action Plan (1)
Pages not numbered so is hard to find contents (1)
Patient’s printed medication list may be outdated (1)
Not very useful (1)
Old-fashioned (1)
  1. Notebook – Siebens Health Care Notebook