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Table 4 Accuracy of the diagnostic score of the nomogram for estimating the risk of reactive neurosyphilis

From: Development and external validation of a nomogram for neurosyphilis diagnosis among non-HIV patients: a cross-sectional study

Variable Value
Development cohort Validation cohort
ROC area (AUC*) 95% CI* 0·85 (0·77, 0·91) 0·85 (0·74, 0·93)
Specificity, % 80·0 77·5
Sensitivity, % 79·0 81·5
Positive predictive value, % 90·8 71·0
Negative predictive value, % 60·3 86·1
  1. Receiver operating characteristics (ROC) curve of the model was generated using gender, psychiatric behaviour disorders, and serum TRUST for neurosyphilis diagnosis. Diagnose-odds ratio (OR), positive predictive value (pv), and negative pv are calculated. *Area under the curve (AUC), confidence interval (CI), and significance test adopted 500-time bootstrap resampling