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Table 1 Diagnoses of Study Participants

From: Diagnosis of orthostatic tremor using smartphone accelerometry

Diagnosis Number of Patients
Parkinson’s Disease 9
Essential tremor 7
Whole body tremulousness from medication-related tremor or polymyoclonus 7
OT 6
Higher level gait disorder related to small vessel ischemic disease or ventriculomegaly 5
Orthostatic hypotension 5
Cerebellar ataxia 5
Sensory ataxia from neuropathy 3
Spasticity with clonus 3
Drug-induced parkinsonism 2
Functional movement disorder 2
Vibratory paresthesias or tremulous sensation of unknown cause 2
Stiff person syndrome 1
Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome 1
Possible vestibulopathy 1
  1. Legend: Clinical diagnoses of patients meeting inclusion criteria. The study included adults presenting to a subspecialty movement disorder clinic who reported either “leg shakiness while standing” or “unsteadiness while standing that improves with walking